I recently hired Picasso Painting ‎to have our large family room painted. It was a big job with 9ft ceilings and tons of light. I was eager to find someone professional as the room doubled as the children’s play area so I could not live without the room for long. After a complimentary consultation and advice as to which colours and finishes would be suitable for the space, Picasso Painters quickly started the job and promptly completed it, with zero mess. I was impressed with their professional and knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend Picasso Painting and am confident in their ability and expertise in home renovations.

Daniela Nalli

Hello to Painting Picasso:

Thank you for your work on my 6-plex in Toronto, before and after pictures attached. You did excellent work in painting each apartment as well as the hallways. I am particularly grateful for your two suggestions that appear on the photographs. First, I was originally inclined to dispose of the wooden picket fence, but it was your idea to retain it and paint it green – see the result. I was also thinking of replacing the front doors, but you suggested a brass kick-plate and painting them black – again, see the result.

 In addition to the painting, you did a good job on drywall installation and repairs, and did so at an affordable price.


Hello to Painting Picasso:

I am very happy with the work that Painting Picasso did on my Mississauga house. It was a big job – lots of high ceilings and weird angles and they made my house look beautiful! They were polite, accommodating and I would recommend them for any job, big or small.

Valerie McKnight

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